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A manor turned museum? Is there more to the Fencer Manor then what meets the eye? 

Join the paranormal private investigator, Jovon Williams, as they go to investigate the attacks and disappearances at the Fencer Museum of The Supernatural and ends up in a sinister and tragic plot that goes deeper then they thought. Team up with the museum employees to stop the evil from spreading and throwing the world into ruin.

  • Work with a cast of 7 playable party members to create multiple parties to tackle puzzles and defeat demons.
  • Use various tools to overcome and remove obstacles 
  • Use psychic abilities to find secrets, clues and give yourself an advantage in battle.

*Note: Contains Blood and Mild to Strong Language.  This a very early build of the game and several of the mechanics and abilities are not fully fleshed out. This is just to give an impression of what will be come release of the full game.

Known Bugs:

  • Dev Tool Window opens on launch. Does not hinder gameplay and can be closed.
  • Second Party appears in wall in party switching scene.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed dev tool window bug
  • Fixed bug of the Second Party being stuck in the wall after the scene switching.

For more information, report issues or just to ask questions on the game, you can contact me through my email, silverlynngaming@gmail.com, or on my Twitter @SilverlynnGames. If you plan on streaming, making a video or write an piece on it, I would love to watch/read it!

UPDATE: We are now hiring a bigger team to complete the game! If you are interested you can find more information here and you can also contact me at my email, silverlynngaming@gmail.com, to discuss payment methods and openings. Thank you!


DEX Strange Residence 315 MB

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